Posted by: martysweather | December 6, 2008

12/6/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s the weekend at last, it’s been colder than “normal” all week and windy at times so be bracing for those higher heating bills. Until the Jet Stream closes that “door” to the frozen North we can continue to expect colder temperatures. That may stay open a lot over the next few weeks. Winter is still a couple of weeks away. Just from my meager observations on the National Weather Service website most of the Continental 48 is cool. So where is all that Global Warming. Now let’s get to the facts:

It’s 25 deg. this morning up from a 18 deg low last night. This trending indicates a little forecast improvement in Temperature for Saturday.
The Barometer is 29.98 and Falling which also indicates at least some change but nothing to dramatic so far.
Humidity is 87% which is damp and Humidity was high all day yesterday which contributed to the cold temps to make things more uncomfortable. I checked around the mid-state and found other stations reporting high Humidity as well so I guess my instrument is reading accurately. Nashville TV reports show lower in the Metro area, but the Metro area is more and more becoming a unique weather phenomena that’s not indicative of general weather in the Mid-State.
Wind is ESE at 3 mph and trending to the South. That’s what is helping raise the temperatures if only a little bit.
Sky is partly cloudy to Cloudy at times (Alto Stratus).
Forecast is: High Pressure building over Texas will help keep us dry for next couple of days. Winds will be Southerly and then Westerly helping generate Highs in at least lower 40’s. Clouds on Saturday will hold temps down a little. Still cool on Sunday. No precipitation expected for at least a couple of days.
Tomorrow is Sunday so baring unforeseen severe conditions we will not post again until Monday. Have a good weekend, hope to see you in Church on Sunday.


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