Posted by: martysweather | December 9, 2008

12/9/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Tuesday morning I awoke to the sound of wind whistling around the Southeast corner of the house. We have a chance to experience a wide variety of weather today. Monday was mild even though a little windy. The mix of clouds and sun and increasing Southerly winds and slowly falling Barometric pressure usually means a good chance of wet weather in Middle Tennessee (my Granny Martin taught me that at a early age) and today and tonight we are going to cash in those chances and hopefully put some water into the local water table. The possible thunder showers and snow flurries just make things interesting and are truly indicative of Seasonal change, Winter Solstice is less than 2 weeks away.. Now lets get to the facts for this morning.

The temperature is 51 deg. this morning and that’s the warmest start we have had for a while the Dew point is 44 deg. and we don’t normally watch dew points much in December but from the looks of the Satellite and Radar to our west I’m thinking we might try to keep a eye on that today.

Barometric Pressure is 29.90″ and Falling. The pressure will continue to fall thru today and will bottom out as the Front passes and the wind shifts. Just as the pressure starts to rise again you might look for some Snow Flurries.

Humidity is 70% at 7:00 and has risen 3% more since I sat down to write this morning. There is ample moisture in that South wind.

The Wind is SSE at 12 and gusting to 19 at observation time. But, 5 minutes ago we had a 24 mph gust that knocked over my wife’s Christmas Snowman on the front deck so we brought him in for the day. (He’s OK honey). Folks that have already put up those Christmas Blow Up’s in the front yard had better not have them running today or they might end up in Kentucky somewhere!

Forecast for today is Windy and Mild, Temps could reach the 60’s by this afternoon. With strong gusty winds and clouds it will feel cooler. Rain and Thunder Showers are approaching from the West and Southwest. Bedford County can expect rain by 1 PM. Heavier rain and possibly a Thunderstorm tonight. Colder air returns tomorrow. Keep a eye on Radio or TV this afternoon and evening. It was stormy to our West last night. So, put a brick on the trash can lid and bring in the dog we are going to have a wet windy day. That’s all from Hickory Hill this morning, have a great day anyway.


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