Posted by: martysweather | December 12, 2008

12/12/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Well I guess I was a little off in my Non Accumulating Snow prediction yesterday, we had .5″ on the ground before it started to melt. Melting didn’t take long and most of the Snow on the grass was gone by bedtime here in Hickory Hill. School is out today however because I was dead on right with my prediction that all that rain and snow melt would freeze over night. We had a low of 23 deg. and the roads and bridges and anything else that got wet yesterday are frozen over. A good bit of sun and temps in the low 40’s today should clear that all away. I had 1.34″ of rain and melted snow in the gauge this morning. That puts the 3 day total to over 4.5″ of precipitation. Maybe that will help out with our drought situation for a few days. Now lets look at the facts.

Temperature this morning was 23 deg. but rising to 40’s by noon or so. Look for below freezing again after dark but not as cold as last night.

Barometer is up to 29.94″ and still rising. We bottomed out somewhere in the 20.70’s yesterday as the Winter Storm passed by to the South and then East of us. Just as the pressure started to rise the Temperature started to fall and the rain turned to Snow. There is a lesson there about how we get most of our snow here. Usually we get dusted by the “Wrap Around Effect”. It’s not often we get hit head on by a winter storm. However, That could happen this winter if the current trend continues.

Humidity is 95% and it’s no surprise because we have a lot of moisture on the ground.

Wind is Calm at 7:00 but it’s 9:00 now and indicating SW @ 2 mph. The winds should stay mostly South or South West for a day or two. The down side is that South Wind will send us another Chance of rain by Sunday night or Monday.

The Sky is mostly clear with a few mixed clouds. Mostly the ragged remains of the Stratus breaking up.

Forecast for today is Clearing and warmer with Highs in low 40’s. Fair but Cold tonight. This is a transition day from all the mess yesterday. Saturday and most of Sunday looks to be Fair and mild. Try to dry out some today, it’s Friday and the weekend looks pretty good for December.


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