Posted by: martysweather | December 15, 2008

12/15/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Good Morning from Hickory Hill, weather wise we are off to a interesting start this week. Sunday was windy and cooler than I thought it would be. The strong South wind normally would have been warmer but the cold ground was moderating the temperature and things took a while to warm up. We were in the 50’s by last night however and are in the mid 50’s this morning. If you have any outdoor chores it’s best to do them this morning because it will be cooler this afternoon and wetter later today. Counties North and West of Nashville may see some Freezing Rain tonight and while it’s not expected here we will keep a close watch on things because Ice buildup has over the years been the single most damaging wide spread threat to Middle Tennessee in the Winter months. Winter Solstice is in 6 days. Now lets look at this mornings facts.

Temperature is 55 deg. at 7:00 and may hit 60 here before dropping sharply this afternoon. Temps should be milder this week for the most part compared to last week. Temp will drop to near freezing tonight but Lows in the 40’s and Highs in the 50’s after tonight for several days.

Barometer is holding 30.10″ now but will drop some as a Front works it way in this afternoon. Not expecting any big drop in pressure with this front.

Humidity is 80% with moist Southerly flow but that is still drier than it has been around here. We had over 4.5 inches of rain last week.

Wind is SSE @ 8 and Gusting to 15 this morning, wind will go Northerly after the Front passes. Looks to stay Northerly until Wed.

The Sky this morning is Partly Cloudy (Strato Cumulus) airport reports Cloud levels varying from 1700 feet to 7000 feet. Look for cloudy later with lower ceiling.

Forecast for today is Mild this morning with dropping Temperature and rain tonight. Chance of Freezing rain North and West. Rain likely Tuesday with Temperature in the 40’s. Not bad for Mid December but keep a eye on the Temperature tonight maybe we can avoid the Freezing rain episode. Have a good Monday.

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