Posted by: martysweather | December 16, 2008

12/16/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Temperature is 30 Degrees this morning and we have had a light drizzle most of the night. That has left a coating of ice on Decks, Exposed Steps and Vehicles left out doors. However the ground temperature has remained above freezing and with the exception of Bridges and Overpasses roads are in good shape. School is open here this morning. As expected there was more Ice West and North and less to the South. Lincoln County stations are reporting 34 to 36 Degrees. We may have dodged a bullet this time. Now for the facts.

We had .51″ of Rain last 24 hours.

Temperature is 30 deg. but will rise to the near 50 today and Lows tonight in upper 30’s or lower 40’s are expected. Temps will moderate more as week progresses. It possible we can have a high in the upper 60’s or even hit 70 on Thursday. With warm air in December we usually see rain so expect more wet weather.

Barometer is at 30.30″ and Rising. We had very little pressure drop and a Sharp rise after yesterdays Cold Front. Expect no major changes in pressure today.

Humidity is 90%, no shortage of moisture around here. It will stay damp all week. I hope the Normandy Reservoir is catching some of this rain.

Wind is NW at 6 mph this morning. Expect to stay out of the North today and tonight. Look for a gradual swing to the South tomorrow.

Sky is overcast this morning (Stratus) Airport reporting ceiling at 800 feet.

Forecast for today is gradual warming and light rain ending this morning if only briefly. Not as cold tonight. Warmer tomorrow with more rain chances. Try to have a good day and stay safe.


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