Posted by: martysweather | December 17, 2008

12/17/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The good news is that finally the people who keep up with the water supply levels at our Reservoir in Normandy are happy. Apparently Normandy Lake is at or nearly at Winter Pool Level. Good news since Winter is only 4 days away. Bad news is it’s STILL Raining. We recorded .39″ here this morning. Good chance of more rain today. Warm air and cool ground created a lot of fog yesterday and will again tonight. Even more warm air coming for Thursday and Friday. With continuing rain chances all week. Now for this mornings facts.

Temperature is 44 deg. That’s was about what it was at bedtime last night and it may not be any cooler for a few days. The Jet Stream has temporarily at least closed the “Door” to the North and we have a continuous flow of moisture from the South West.

Barometric Pressure is 30.15″ and steady. No big changes in pressure. We really can’t expect our weather to change much until the Barometer makes a move. Either up or down.

Humidity is 98% and hovering around 100% at times.

Wind is Calm at observation time but is Indicating South West and now at 7:45 is West at 2 mph. Not a lot of wind expected today but it will be from the West and South.

Forecast for today is Cloudy with Periods of Rain. Mild Temperatures and likely Foggy again tonight. A lot of the Country is having Severe Weather of one kind or another, we are stuck in a Rainy pattern for now. But… this will pass and it’s Winter Time in Tennessee. Our weather will not be “Stuck” to long. One thing that doesn’t change about Tennessee weather is it’s “Changeable”. Have a good day.


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