Posted by: martysweather | December 24, 2008

12/24/2008 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Christmas Eve dawns mild and windy. We have had several gusts of wind hitting 26 mph since mid-night and it likely will pickup a little more before things settle down tonight. There is a chance of severe weather today in the form of Strong Thunder Storms with winds in excess of 50 mph and Cloud to Ground Lightning. There does not look to be much of a threat for Tornado spin up since we don’t at least currently have the Wind Shear in the upper atmosphere. We do however have a lot of straight line wind flow flooding us with warm moist air and as that impacts the cold air moving in from the Northwest we will have a significant rain event and some likely Thunderstorm activity. It’s looking like another chance for storms on Saturday, so we will watch to see how that sets up. No White Christmas for us this year. I’m finding .01″ of Rain in the gauge this morning. Now for today’s facts.

The Temperature at 7 AM is 53 deg. having risen 6 degrees over night. I think we could hit 60 degrees today and then fall to the upper 30’s behind our latest Cold Front. Temperature should re-bound to the 50’s for Christmas Day. I’ve lost count of how many Cold Fronts we have seen this month but it’s a bunch.

Barometric Pressure is 30.05″ and Falling. Look for lower readings during the day and then re-bounding tomorrow.

Humidity is 73% from the results of a warm moist Southerly flow.

Wind is SE at 14 mph. gusting to 26. The wind speed will pickup more thru the afternoon. This is causing problems with tree limbs and power lines. We lost our electricity this morning for a hour due to a downed power line somewhere.

The Sky is overcast with lowering ceiling. The airport at Shelbyville is reporting ceiling of 3500 feet. I think it will be Sunny on Christmas Day.

The Forecast Summary for today is Windy Mild Rainy and maybe Stormy. Clearing tonight with temps cool but not Cold. Folks traveling to Grandma’s tomorrow should have Sunny Sky’s and mild temperatures. We do need to keep a eye to the West for Friday and especially Saturday. Unless things change I will not post tomorrow. Have a Merry Christmas.


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