Posted by: martysweather | December 26, 2008

12/26/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We had a lovely peaceful Christmas with mild temperatures gentle winds and a striking blue clear sky. Today the weather is back on the job. A lot of the country endured some fairly nasty weather conditions over Christmas and now some of that weather is coming here. It looks like a Warm Front (rare thing in late December here) is approaching from the South and will be here around mid-day. Our current 50 degrees will rise quickly to nearly 70. Light rain showers are breaking out in advance of this warm front but rain less likely after the passage but wind speeds will pick up. Saturday looks like very mild temperatures with increasing chances of rain in the later part of the day. Still ANOTHER cold front will bring a possibly strong Squall line in late Saturday night with possible severe weather. More on that tomorrow. I had .01″ yesterday and .10″ of rain this morning and it was raining at observation time (7:00 am). Now for today’s facts.

Temperature is 50 deg. and has been rising overnight. Look for rising temps throughout the day and a low tonight back down to the mid 50’s then back to nearly 70 Saturday.

Barometer is Steady at 30.25″ and will trend to rise some as the day progresses. Pressure will maintain until a decrease herald’s the approach of a front and associated line of storms Saturday night.

Humidity is 95% this morning with a lot of rain and ground water present. After the warm front moves in today we will have a steady moist flow from the south.

Wind is Southeast at 2 mph this morning. Looking for increasing speeds behind the warm front and very windy Saturday. Mostly Southerly until after the front late Saturday or early Sunday.

Sky this morning is overcast with reported Ceiling 800 feet at the Shelbyville Airport. Look for some clearing this afternoon but still a lot of clouds. Increasing clouds Saturday.

The forecast summary for today is warmer temperatures and less chances of rain today. Some clearing but breezy later. Mild temps overnight and warm Saturday . Increasing rain chances late Saturday with storm chances. The weather this winter is very active everywhere and Tennessee will gets it’s share of Winter but for a couple of days we are having Spring like conditions. Have a good day.


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