Posted by: martysweather | December 27, 2008

12/27/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Lot’s of Clouds this morning and a strong Southerly Wind with really warm temperatures. Today will feel like Spring in Middle Tennessee but lets not get to accustomed to it because Winter is still lurking around somewhere. We have a Wind Advisory starting at 9 AM and scheduled to run until Mid Night. A line of strong storms about 300 miles West of here is scheduled to arrive around Mid Night but hopefully will decrease in intensity during the evening. However….night time Storms are dangerous and everyone needs to have NOAA Weather Radio on Alert Mode tonight. There is not a lot of rain around this morning on the Radar but a Shower is possible here or there during the day. The big story today is going to be the warm temps and the wind. After the storms late tonight things should clear up during the day Sunday and a return to normal temperatures but still not cold. We may get a break from the wet weather for a few days unless something changes. Now for the facts.

We collected .03″ of Rain this morning.

Temperature is a balmy 61 degrees and rising to 70 or 72 by 3 PM. Low tonight in the 40’s and hopefully as the atmosphere cools down the storms will lose some of their punch. Highs in the 50’s for next few days after today and Lows in the upper 30’s or lower 40’s. Maybe the furnace can rest a little here at the end of the year.

Barometer is 30.10″ and slowly falling. Look for 29.90 or maybe a little lower as the Storms arrive and then rebounding quickly tomorrow.

Humidity is 92% this morning and as the day warms it will fall a but but not to much because we have a lot of moist Gulf of Mexico air pouring into the area all day today.

Wind is SE at 12 mph and gusting to 16. WIND ADVISORY beginning at 9 AM until 12:00 PM. Looking for wind speeds to increase as the day progresses. Maybe 30 or 35 by dark and some stronger gust.

Forecast summary for Today and Sunday is Mild today and Windy, Slight rain chances today but Storms overnight. Clearing Sunday by afternoon. Clear and upper 30 deg. temps overnight on Sunday. Next week is looking to be dry and calm at least for the front half anyway. I hope to see you in Church on Sunday. Have a great weekend but watch the weather late tonight.


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