Posted by: martysweather | December 29, 2008

12/29/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The Sun is shining brightly this morning and we have at least a few days of dry weather ahead to usher out the old year. Saturday nights round of weather delivered another .43″ of rain but except for some strong winds no severe weather here. Nothing in the gauge this morning but there is a hefty layer of Frost covering everything. Freezing fog over night made things slick on the deck and steps, my little dog Benji went slipping and sliding this morning but he’s OK. We should see the mid 50 degree mark today and maybe 60 tomorrow then cooler but still mostly sunny on Wednesday. There are still a few spots of active weather around the Country but things have settled down a lot from all the action last week. However a new System is coming into the Northwest that will make it here by Friday so enjoy our break this week and any outdoor chores you need to do such as take down Christmas decorations “now is the time”. Now for todays facts.

Temperature is 24 deg. this morning but is rising with the Sun. Heading up to the 50’s today and down to 32 or so tonight. Not to shabby for late December.

Barometer is 30.32″ and Rising. We will enjoy High Pressure for a couple of days. High pressure will keep the door shut to the North. Wednesday and Thursday will see a transition toward cooler and eventually wet weather chances.

Humidity is 92% this morning with a lot of frost around. But look for us to dry out for a few days.

Wind is calm this morning but West to Southwest Wind as the day progresses. Gentle breezes today but more windy Tuesday and Wednesday. Trending Northerly Wednesday.

Sky is Mostly Clear today and expects to remain so today and tomorrow. Maybe a few fair weather Cumulus clouds.

The Summary for today is Fair and Mild, Clear and cold but not unseasonable tonight. Fair and mild tomorrow. Couple of really nice days ahead. Hope you enjoy them.


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