Posted by: martysweather | December 29, 2008

Who Are You…Really?

People know you by your actions, your life style, your words, and your past. But…all of that can be just very careful choreography. When absolutely no one else is looking and or in the very deepest recesses of your inner self….”WHO ARE YOU”? What can be expected from you when it really counts? Lot’s of question marks, and the answers usually only come after you are dead and buried. But…remember, after you are gone there will be a eternity of time for the answers to surface. And for at least 1 or 2 generations your family and acquaintances and certainly your enemies will be confronted with your legacy. So…you need to be keenly aware of who you are. While you cannot control how some people may “color” your image and there will always be some people bent on painting a poor picture of you, the facts of what you were is where you leave this world.

Who you are and ultimately who you were is up to you. My personal “Slant on Things” may seem a little weird or strange to some people but I like to think I’m consistent. My opinions may and do change but not quickly and not very often. If I was with you when it started raining I plan to be with you when it’s time to start sandbagging. People who swing 180 degrees in their lifestyle, theology, and relationships had better make sure that the course they have set is consistent in who they really are. Because for a few people I thought I knew it’s looking like who they are isn’t who they were, or at least who they portrayed themselves as. And…when the next 180 degree shift comes who they are trying to be then may not be so well received.

It’s a pretty good idea to figure out who you are, because people are just people, and we want to love and be loved. But we need to know who we are loving. And disappointment hurts.

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