Posted by: martysweather | December 30, 2008

12/30/2008 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We are continuing to enjoy a period of beautiful weather here in Middle Tennessee but if you like warm days today is the last one for this year. We did not record any precipitation for the last 24 hours. The rising Sun finds a moderate amount of Frost on the ground this morning but not as heavy as yesterday because the Humidity is lower. The warm sunny day on Monday dried up things a bit and should do so even more today. The High yesterday was 58 deg. and I expect 62 today and a bit more in some areas. Winds will be light and Southerly today but swinging Northerly tonight and speeds picking up a bit. Colder tonight and then breezy and Cold tomorrow with High only in the 40’s. But we still remain dry. A look at the Drought Monitor map for Tennessee is not indicating any Drought Conditions for Bedford County at the present time. Our county is not “Colored” with some level of Drought for the first time in a long time. We may see a little precip end of the week but I don’t see any thing “Big” on the map for this week. Storm track looks to be well to the North for a few days. Now let’s look at the facts.

Temperature is 26 deg. at 7 AM but rising literally as I look at the dial. We are headed up to 62 which is at least 15 deg. above average. Enjoy it today we cool off considerably tonight and return to more seasonal 40’s on Wednesday.

Barometer is 30.15″ and slowly falling in advance of a Cold Air system coming in tonight. Pressure will not fall to drastically however and we should continue to experience settled Sunny dry weather for at least another couple of days. The only change will be cooler temperatures.

Humidity is 85%, Lower than it’s been in the morning hours for several days. We will continue to dry out more today.

Wind is Calm this morning but will be light and Southerly before shifting North and picking up some tonight and Wednesday.

The Sky is Clear and Deep Blue this morning thanks to lower Humidity levels aloft as well as on the ground.

The Summary for today is Fair and Mild High in the 60’s then cold tonight with lows around 30. Cold tomorrow. Have a great day.


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