Posted by: martysweather | January 1, 2009

1/1/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!…..This morning finds the Sun Rising on a Clear Cold truly Winter Morning. The air is calm and just a light layer of Frost on the ground this morning with the peacefulness only disturbed by a very self confident Rooster Crowing.
It’s actually a bit Colder around here than I thought it would be this morning but our 16 degrees doesn’t feel to bad in the absence of wind. Sunny day ahead and the Temperature is heading up to 46 or so as the Wind shifts to more Southerly this morning. More clouds by this evening and a low of 34. Slight chance of rain late tonight and in the morning but not likely and not much for the folks who get any. Friday looks to be partly cloudy and mid 50’s. Some of the Atmospheric Modeling programs are indicating that early next week could be “Interesting”. That gives us a little something to look forward to. As for this week the best Rain chances are shaping up for Saturday and maybe Sunday. We did not record any precipitation for the last 24 hours. Now for today’s facts.

Temperature is 16 degrees but rising rapidly with the Sun and relatively dry air. Look for 46 degrees today and down to 34 tonight. Seasonal for around here in early January.

Barometer is up to 30.25″ and steady. With only a few brief dips our mostly High pressure has keep things dry and settled for the last few days. The Barometer could be going for a roller coaster ride in the next few days however.

Humidity is 85%, up just a bit from yesterday. Likely to see the moisture level increase some today with our Southerly wind shift.

Wind is calm this morning. The pointer is still indicating North but as the Sun warms the air our Breeze will freshen from the South today. Maybe even 15 or 20 mph before settling down at sunset.

The Sky is clear this morning but look for increasing clouds this afternoon. Cloudy tonight but clearing to Partly Cloudy tomorrow.

The Summary for today is Mostly Clear and Cool. Increasing clouds late and low to mid 30’s tonight. No frost tonight. Friday looks about the same. Weekend has some rain chances and we need to keep a eye out for next week. Have some Black Eye Peas and Jowl today, hopefully 2009 will fair better for us all. Now it’s time to watch a little football.


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