Posted by: martysweather | January 1, 2009

2009…Treading Carefully

The first day of the year is all ways a time of reflection. The first 7 years of this decade were certainly times of prosperity and consumption. There was a dip in 2001 after the Terrorist Attacks but the economy rebounded quickly. In fact, the attacks actually created many financial opportunities for some people. The signs were there by the fall of 2007 however that the growing economy was becoming sluggish. During the 1st Quarter of 2008 it was more than clear that “Things” were slowing even more. The high gas price spike during the summer diverted a lot of the consumers dwindling resources. The housing market had been slowing all during this time but home values had remained firm. Then…everything came crashing down. The Real Estate Market collapsed as well as the Stock Market, the loss of perceived value, and I mean perceived because this value was actually only on paper, caused some very large Banks and Brokerage houses to fail. As well as Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Normally I don’t have a problem watching Rich folks become poor folks, and even seeing some fat cats jump out a window here and there. But there has been more effort and Federal money “printed” to bail out the rich and nearly nothing for the average guy who likely as not has been tossed out of work. Extending unemployment benefits is only a band aid on a bleeding wound.

Now the Auto Industry wants to be given special consideration so they can continue to pay their high wages and benefits to the Union elite. Where does this all end. If Detroit built cars working people could afford with out usury laden financing they would be selling cars regardless of what there fuel mileage was. And why is the state of the car business such a important single benchmark of our economy? In the 19th Century did the worlds affairs hinge on the Buggy Business and the Horse Market. We need to focus less on one aspect of our economy and more on what local economies are doing. Everybody doesn’t depend on the Auto Industry for their livelihood but the Auto Industry has somehow impacted us all.

We need a more diverse workplace economy and we need to reduce imports and stop exporting jobs. We need to once again be a world leader in production and not just consumption. We need to stop illegal immigrants from working, we need higher wages for workers who are legally working and we can then afford the higher cost that our American Made products will command.

Our new President promised us “Change” I just hope the American people understand just how much CHANGE is in our future. That word “Change ” has been tossed around loosely this past year. But do people know that “Change” is actually a verb. We will all have to play a part if this country can recover. If anyone knows how to forward this to the White House I would appreciate it.


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