Posted by: martysweather | January 2, 2009

1/2/2009 @ 7.00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sprinkling Rain at this mornings observation time but expecting that to end this morning. Sky will be partly cloudy and mild temperatures in the 50’s. Today will be a fairly nice day to be outside. Light Southerly winds and some Sun. Our unusually warm trend continues with expected Temperatures in the 60’s for Saturday and Sunday. It will tend to be wet and possibly Stormy Saturday and Sunday. I really thought it would be awhile before we saw 60 degrees again but January is a tricky month with a lot of varying conditions. The Barometer is down this morning as High Pressure gives way to Lower Pressure to our West in Oklahoma. We trend to stay damp but not unusually cold thru early next week. Colder conditions for Tuesday night might result in some Snow but opinions vary on that one and we will explore that more on Monday. Storms on Saturday and Sunday are not expected to be Severe. We had .02″ of Rain in the gauge this morning. Now for today’s facts.

Temperature is 43 deg. and headed to the mid 50’s today. Tonight down to the mid 40’s. No big temperature swings for the next few days.

Barometer is 30.05″ and Falling. Lower pressure for at least next 36 hours will result in Changeable and varying conditions. There are a lot of Weather Systems floating around the country this morning and while I like to keep the forecast simple, it’s kinda complicated for the next few days.

Humidity is 75% and in spite of the Sprinkles and Clouds this morning Today should stay dry. But looks wet for the weekend.

Wind is South at 2 mph this morning. Light wind today and continuing Southerly.

Sky is Overcast this morning but we should see some Sun today. More clouds tonight.

The Summary for today is Partly Cloudy and mild with mid 50 deg. temps. Light Southerly winds today. Increasing clouds tonight Rain Chances for Saturday and Sunday. Any out door chores need to be done Today if possible. The Weekend looks Wet. Mr. Tim at WSMV TV is calling for a Plan B weekend and that’s my plan here. Have a good day.


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