Posted by: martysweather | January 5, 2009

1/5/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Winter is off and running this morning. The wet weather continues and while we have had some bouts of Cold weather for the most part temperatures have been above average. The Holiday Season is over and now School is starting back up so a lot of kids and some Teachers that I know are looking for some Snow. Well….the outlook for this week is RAIN and maybe a lot of it. Starting tonight Middle Tennessee will be under a Flood Watch lasting until Tuesday evening at least. I don’t expect much Sunshine this week until Thursday. By Saturday we could be back in the Clouds again with what is projected to be our next Snow chance. But it’s way to early to worry about that yet. Today will see cloudy and light rain and cool. Temperatures in high 30’s or lower 40’s. Rain increasing this afternoon and heavy rain chances late day and tonight. Temperature will remain fairly steady overnight with chances for Thunder showers tomorrow. This wet spell persist on Wednesday as well. Our current weather is tracking from the South and West which is not too cold but the Northerly Storm track is not very far away and there is Freezing Rain just Northwest of Memphis this morning. That all will stay North of us for a few days. Just remember in Tennessee and especially in January everything can change quickly and usually does. But I do know what the facts are right now, so here are today’s facts.

Temperature is 34 deg. and rising to maybe 42 at most today. Maybe no lower than that overnight. Look for 55 deg. Tuesday with the heavy rain chances.

Barometer is 30.20″ this morning but the pressure will be up a little and then down a lot later. Or as I like to call it the “Roller Coaster Effect” which we get when a Warm Front comes in from the Southwest. It won’t feel that warm but that’s what it is.

Humidity is 95% and will hover around there for next several days. It may as well be 100% and probably will be at times.

Wind is NW at 8 mph this morning. Trending Southwest later today. No significant wind speed problems expected but it could get a little gusty in some of the heavy rain showers.

Sky is cloudy and fog this morning. Clouds deck is down to 400 feet and will stay there for next 24 hours at least.

The summary for today is Cloudy, Cool, Rain. More rain tonight, heavy at times. Flash Flood Watch tonight and Tuesday. Temperature overnight steady in low 40’s. Good day to stay indoors.

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