Posted by: martysweather | January 6, 2009

1/6/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I am posting a bit late this morning because there is so much weather activity going on around here that it’s taking a while to sort through it all. We have had light but steady rain all night which actually began late yesterday afternoon. Our total in the CoCoRahS Gauge this morning was only .66″ however. Looking like we see rain continuing today with our Flood Watch still in effect. Hourly rainfall rates have been low enough so far that there have been no real problems that I know of. Sometime late Wednesday this will clear out and Thursday and Friday will see a little Sunshine. Saturday looks to be active again. Tennessee is on the Southern edge of the moisture flow now as the Warm Front lifts into the Upper Mid West and North East, those guys are likely to get hammered with ice again. Meanwhile our rain could still be heavy at times, certainly heavier hourly rates than we have seen so far. Now for today’s facts.

Temperature is 46 deg. at 7 AM and only Rising to 50 or 52. Low tonight upper 30’s. Cooler on Wednesday but still not Seasonably Cold while we are impacted with this Tropical Air Mass.

Barometric Pressure is 29.75″ and may fall a little more. Don’t expect much rebound before late Wednesday.

Humidity is 98%

Wind is Light and Variable this morning but will trend mostly Westerly today and perhaps freshening to 15 or 20 mph later today and tonight.

Sky is Overcast, Shelbyville Airport Reports Ceiling down to 300 feet.

The forecast Summary for today is RAIN, heavy at times, Flood Watch in Effect “Through this Evening” per the National Weather Service. Temperatures will be cool but still Mild for January. Wednesday starts with Rain and cooler as this mess moves on. We are having a active Winter so far but it could be a lot worse. Have a good day.

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