Posted by: martysweather | January 7, 2009

1/7/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The Sun is up and some of it is visible out my window this morning. The rain has stopped for the most part and the Temperature has dropped 10 degrees from where it was yesterday morning. We are still in a very unsettled episode of weather and it’s not over with yet. The big moisture package that we have dealt with for the last several days has finally moved on to the New England States where it will attempt to generate another Ice Storm for my Niece in New Hampshire ( hang in there Debbie). There is yet another major weather maker coming ashore in the upper North West that will effect us here in the East somewhere by the weekend. Meanwhile there are numerous smaller upper air systems scattered all along the jet stream track that could cause us brief periods of clouds and rain from time to to time for the next few days. But no big events on the scope for a few days. We had .94″ of rain for the last 24 hours and our 4 day total for this last rain event was 1.68″ which is not as much as it could have been. Some counties less than 50 miles south of here had more than 2″ yesterday alone. But those counties had been some of the most severely drought affected areas so it all works out for the best. Now for the facts.

Temperature this morning at 7:00 is 36 deg. We only see 40 or 42 today depending on how much sun you get. Low tonight in low 30’s and back up to upper 40’s on Thursday.

Barometer is 29.60″. That’s very low but it’s going to head back up some over the next 24 hours. But, generally we don’t see any strong High pressure for a few days giving us on and off episodes of clouds and precipitation.

Humidity is 90% and and depending on where you are it could dry up some today. But down here on the farm we have saturated ground and we will be damp for a while.

Wind is West at 4 mph and will pick up some speed today. May see 15 or 20 mph over night with yet another small cloud event overnight.

The Sky is partly cloudy this morning but could see some periods of overcast especially tonight and then clearing Thursday. Thursday and Friday we hope to be Sunny.

The summary for today is Partly cloudy and cool, cloudy overnight and then clearing Thursday with High in upper 40’s. Friday more of the same and maybe 50 degrees. So maybe we can dry out some for a couple of days but it will not last long so make the most of it. Have a good day.


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