Posted by: martysweather | January 9, 2009

1/9/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Another fine day as the Sun comes up this morning. The ground is frozen this morning after a overnight Low that was down to 22 degrees. The wind is calm presently but will be Southerly today and warm us up to 55 degrees, but clouds and rain chances return over night. Saturday will see a warm up early and then cooler in the afternoon. Rain at least for the 1st half of the day on Saturday. Whatever the weather is doing for the next several days if you don’t like it just wait for a little while because we will see major changes from day to day and in some cases from hour to hour. The people who know about these things are all excited about a BIG mass of cold air up in Alaska that will be impacting Tennessee by next Thursday. Prior to that we will see a considerable amount of rain and SNOW chances early next week. Winter is on the job and planning to put in some overtime. We are going to see if the experts are as good as they say they are. But you don’t have to be a expert to read Instrumentation and look up at the Sky so here are the facts in Bedford County this morning.

Temperature at 7:00 is 23 degrees. I think we will see 55 today and down to 40 by midnight tonight. Then warming overnight to maybe 50 or so Saturday morning. Then cooler in the afternoon. The Titans Playoff game should see Cold windy conditions. Not what Titans fans were hoping for but at least we are still playing in January.

Barometer is 30.15″ and Steady. The pressure has just about peaked out and will fall again later today. Lot of low pressure and unsettled for the next few days.

Humidity is 85% and a lot of Frost on the ground this morning. Expect more rain overnight so January continuing to be wet, which is not abnormal for around here.

The Wind is calm but freshening from the South as the Sun warms us up some. Saturday will see a shift to Northerly behind the rain. Speeds of 10 mph today and tonight but after the Northerly shift gusty and maybe some 30 mph gust in the afternoon. I hope coach Jeff Fisher is watching the weather because the Shift could come after the game starts and we want the wind at our backs in the 4 th Quarter.

Sky is clear but expect partly cloudy by afternoon and cloudy overnight.

Summary for today is Fair and mid 50 degrees. Mild with rain overnight. Rain early Saturday and clearing and colder in the afternoon. Have a good day.


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