Posted by: martysweather | January 10, 2009

1/10/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The Sun came up somewhere behind all of those Clouds that came in overnight. Benji and I observed mostly clear Sky and a light Southerly breeze when we went out for our bedtime “walk” last night, but after we retired the Clouds and ultimately the rain came sneaking in. We have .05″ in the gauge this morning. More rain and some of it heavy at times before it all ends later this afternoon. Colder and a brisk North wind behind our latest Cold Front. Temperatures in the 50’s this morning will fall to mid 40’s this afternoon. Tonight we go on down to 30 degrees with maybe a Flurry but I doubt it. Mostly Sunny but Cold on Sunday. High Sunday only 40 and Low of 28 or so. Monday returns the work week Partly Cloudy and 45 degrees but rain returning Monday Night. Our busy weather pattern gets even more active next week so be prepared for anything. Now for today’s facts.

Temperature is 52 degrees at 7:00 and may top out at 55 by Noon and then dropping into mid 40’s for this afternoon. Cold tonight and Sunday. Moderating temperatures on Monday as the wind starts to shift from the North to more Westerly and Southwest.

Barometer is 29.95″ and dropping. Pressure will rise a bit behind this afternoons Front passage but don’t expect to much rise or for very long. Pressure is trending to remain Low and unsettled.

Humidity is 85% and on the rise with our rain showers. After the rain this afternoon we can dry out a bit for Sunday and Monday.

Wind is Southeast at 10 mph. and gusty this morning, Shifting to the North this afternoon and still strong wind speeds through tonight. Wind eases up to 5 or 10 mph on Sunday.

Sky is overcast this morning and will remain so most of the day. More Sun than Clouds on Sunday and Partly Cloudy Monday. Clouds and rain return late Monday.

The Summary for the weekend is Rain this morning heavy at times with maybe a rumble of Thunder before ending this afternoon. Clearing but Cold overnight, and Sunny and Cool on Sunday. Cold but dry on Sunday night. Monday looks mostly Sunny but we are wide open for anything after that. Have a good weekend I hope to see you in Church on Sunday. GO TITANS


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