Posted by: martysweather | January 12, 2009

1/12/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The ground is covered with a hefty layer of Frost this morning, as well as the deck and anything else that was exposed to the elements over night. The “elements” are what keep things interesting for the next few days. The Sun finds a relatively clear sky but off to the West I can see clouds on the horizon and we have a bit of Cirrus overhead. The weekend weather played out about as expected recording .74″ of Rain Sunday Morning and Reporting just a Trace this morning. The trace amount being Snow Flurries from Sunday morning. Tonight brings a good chance of Snow Showers and with cold ground what ever falls should stick. The Guru’s that predict these things for a living are not expecting much for us here but…. they have been surprised before so keep a eye out your window and if you need to go anywhere Tuesday morning prepare early. More snow chances Tuesday and then again Wednesday night and Thursday. The grocery stores will see a brisk trade this week as everybody stocks up on “Milk, Bread, and Eggs”. I can still hear my mother making out her shopping list so we would have enough to eat just in case we got “snowed in”. To her credit and good judgement we did get snowed in a few times back in the 60’s. It really snowed around here in those days. The really big story this week besides a little snow is the Cold Temperatures. The door to the Artic North is opening and we will see a series of cold air surges. By Friday our High temp may not even make 30 deg. I guess we can’t complain too much after what some parts of the Country have experienced this winter and in reflection this winter has been more typical of what was considered normal for Middle Tennessee in years past. Now for the facts as we find them this morning.

Temperature at 7:00 is 22 degrees. High today of 46 or so depending on how soon the clouds roll in. Low tonight of 30 and that will likely be the High for Tuesday at Mid Night.

Barometer is 30.24″ and has been steady but will start falling during the day. Pressure will vary up and down reacting to our series of impulses from North West.

Humidity is 98% and largely responsible for our very heavy Frost this morning. A South wind ushers in more moist air today and with the cold air coming in we do have a realistic chance for some Snow.

Wind is Calm this morning but will be Southerly at about 5 mph when it resumes where it left off yesterday. We get a little break from the strong winds for today anyway. We have definitely been windy this winter and I discovered that Lowe’s really will sell you just a few roofing shingles.

Sky reporting clear but increasing clouds and cloudy this evening. Remaining Cloudy until Wednesday when maybe we get a brief respite before the next Snow chance. Not much evaporation but at least if the ground is frozen the folks working outside don’t have to wade in the mud. Our neighbor had to pull one of his cows out of the muck with a winch Saturday afternoon. She didn’t sound like she liked it and he didn’t like it much either.

The forecast summary today is simple, Fair and Cold, Cloudy with “Snow Showers” tonight and Tuesday, which is a phrase weather guys use when they don’t know how much so watch out. Colder Tuesday and we see some more wind and associated wind chills Tuesday night. This is a week where we just have to take it day by day because there are a lot of variables involved in our current weather picture. Tennessee Titans can relax and plan their Winter getaways now after a more than descent year but I really would have like to have gone to the Big Show. Have a good day and good morning Karla.


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