Posted by: martysweather | January 13, 2009

1/13/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

While it may be in the mid 30’s or more in places as reported by ALL of the TV folks and even the National Weather Service website, around here it’s been below freezing since 3:30 yesterday afternoon. Three thermometers can’t all be wrong. It’s just colder in the country than in the Towns and Cities where most of the instrumentation is. ….I guess the Clouds with our Snow chances for last night must be running late and maybe we all jumped on the Snow prediction bandwagon a little to soon. The Sun is shining through my Window as I write this, but there is weather on the radar and it’s 31 degrees here so we may well get a little white stuff yet. The BIG story will be the cold weather so make sure you let your little dogs and cats in tonight. We will see Lows of about 15 degrees tonight with a North wind. Wednesday may be Partly Sunny and 42 deg. More chances for Clouds and Light Snow Wednesday night. Overnight Lows only get lower as the week progresses. We had Zero precipitation for the last 24 hours. Since I’m apparently not very good at predicting Snow lets move on to something I’m actually pretty good at and that’s the Facts for today.

Temperature at 7:00 AM is 31 degrees. We may rise a little with the Sun but not much. Temperature will fall sharply after 3 pm or so and go down to 15 tonight. Highs for Wednesday re bound into the 40’s.

Barometer is 30.01″ and Starting to Fall with a approaching cold Front. Pressure remains in the low range next 24 hours but will rise a bit tonight before falling again Wednesday evening. January will keep your Barometer Needle loosened up.

Humidity is 85% and we had a good bit of Frost overnight since we were mostly clear overnight with only a few clouds. The colder air will be a good bit drier.

Wind this morning is SE at 3 mph. Shifting North this afternoon and that ushers in our cold air for tonight. We will return Southerly Wednesday afternoon briefly and then another round of COLDER North Wind.

Sky this morning is Partly Cloudy and trending Cloudy to the Northwest. Some clearing tonight and Wednesday looks partly cloudy.

The Forecast Summary for today is Cold, Increasing Clouds, Light Snow Chances during Daylight hours. Clearing and Cold tonight. Fair Wednesday and a brief slight warm up. More Snow chances Wednesday night. Weather continuing to be hard to predict and variable so try to be aware of what’s going on around your part of the world. Have a good Tuesday and stay warm.


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