Posted by: martysweather | January 16, 2009

1/16/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We have a picture window full of bright Sunshine this morning and the promise of a Sunny day even with bone chilling cold temperatures. The Low last night here was 4 degrees. We didn’t quite make the zero mark but no complaints here. I’m expecting a rise to about 25 degrees today and then back down to 15 degrees tonight. Wind is light and even calm at times this morning but is averaging 6 mph. The little bit of wind kept the air stirred up just enough to keep things just above zero. Very dry air and no frost this morning, and not expecting any tomorrow morning. No school in Bedford County this morning because of the very cold temperatures. One of my loyal readers grew up in the mid west I bet she never got to stay home from school because it was 4 degrees. I don’t remember missing any either, we were just tougher back in the day I guess. The weather will remain calm around here for a couple of days as the strong High pressure moves over us today. Saturday night will see a return to precipitation chances but no “Big Events” on the horizon at the moment. Now….Benji has been out and made his “observations” he returns with a very cold little nose and here are the facts as he sees them.

Temperature at 7:00 AM is 4 degrees and my instrument indicates that was the low last night. Warming to 25 today and down to 15 tonight. Still well below normal.

Barometer is 30.70″ and steady. That’s about as high as it ever gets around here. The center of this High pressure starts to move away today and we will see a gradual drop to more realistic levels.

Humidity is 65 % this morning and will drop into the 40’s today. If you have been shocked by a door knob in the last few days from the static electricity you can blame the low humidity.

Wind is NW at 6 and will be light today and calm tonight. Sometime Saturday look for a Southerly shift.

Sky is clear, with the low moisture not a lot of clouds but maybe a few Cumulus here and there. Saturday clouds will return but still mostly sunny. Saturday will be a transition day.

The Summary for today is Sunny and Cold, High of 25 degrees. Cold and Clear tonight with a low of 15. Mostly Sunny Saturday and finally temps above freezing. No Special Weather Statements needed today. Have a good Friday.


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