Posted by: martysweather | January 17, 2009

1/17/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The Cold air is being modified this morning by a more Southerly air flow. Temperatures actually warmed some overnight and we have 17 degrees this morning. Thirteen degree improvement over yesterday so we take what we can get. There was more cloudiness than I expected yesterday especially in the afternoon. Apparently there are a number of waves of disturbed upper air that from time to time pass over. So far these have been rather benign since we have been so dry but with Southerly wind increasing the moisture levels tonight and tomorrow some of those could drop some rain and light frozen precipitation depending on the time of day. The clouds will be more numerous on Sunday and the winds will be increasing today and tonight. However there is no big weather maker event in the picture for us here for at least a few days. The upper mid west has a big mess showing up on the satellite picture and it’s the tail of that system that is going to affect our weather. I’ve got some good friends that have moved to Chicago from here and this is their first winter there and it’s been rough for them. We can expect the first of the week to stay cold but warming toward the end of the week. Alaska is having a bout of comparably warm weather now that will translate to a warming trend for us in a few days. Now for the facts as we see them this morning.

Temperature is 17 degrees at 7:00 AM, up from the 14 degrees we had late last night. Looking for 40 degrees today and a low of 30 tonight. Sunday High of 42. Wind shift on Sunday night will cool us back down to upper 20’s for Lows.

Barometer is 30.45″ this morning, still Strong but slowly falling to more realistic levels. No big drops expected and a rising trend sets in again late Sunday.

Humidity is 60% this morning and was very low yesterday especially for January, we even have some dust being kicked up from wind. The moisture levels are on the rise a bit starting today. It has been good to dry out though.

Wind is SE at a gentle 1 mph but will be picking up today and can be gusty at times. A shift to Northerly is scheduled for sometime late day on Sunday.

Sky is Partly cloudy now and will be Clear at times and then cloudy later. More clouds on Sunday.

The weekend forecast summary is Warming trend for Saturday and Sunday with increasing clouds. Rain chances increase for tonight and Sunday but not a wash out. Late evening precipitation could be frozen but no anticipated problems. Cooling on Sunday night. First of the week looks to be seasonable for this time of year. Have a good weekend, hope to see you in Church on Sunday.


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