Posted by: martysweather | January 19, 2009

1/19/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

A cloudy start for the work week but some relief from the dangerously cold weather and a bit of a January thaw for later in the week. Seeing some very fine Ice Pellets in the air this morning but nothing to get worked up about. Temperature hovering just below the freezing level here and not making any major moves today or tonight. The cloudiness will likely hang in here until late afternoon Tuesday. The wind is calm this morning but when it gets cranked up this morning look for Northwest and maybe 5 or 10 mph. Tuesday a little bit breezier and sometime Tuesday evening we should start picking up a Southerly flow and warmer for Wednesday. Thursday and Friday in the 50’s for temperatures. Some rain chances by the end of the week. All in all not a bad week ahead for the middle of January. Now for the facts.

The Temperature is 30 degrees here. A lot of reporting stations have it at 32 but we are all pretty close to the freezing mark. Not much improvement today but maybe 35 for a High briefly. Low tonight in mid 20’s and back to 35 Tuesday.

Barometer has taken a dip to 29.70″ but that should be the bottom. Sometime Tuesday pressure moves up and clouds move on out.

Humidity is 80% this morning, a tad dry for this time of day and one reason we don’t have a lot of precipitation with these clouds. The Ice pellets we see here this morning are as fine as grains of salt.

Wind is calm but will be Northwest today at 5 to 10. Holding Northerly today and most of tomorrow.

Sky is overcast and will be so most of the time today and tomorrow but don’t be surprised if we see a bit of Sun from time to time, especially on Tuesday.

The Summary for Monday, Cloudy and Cold but not unseasonably cold. Some very light flurries with no accumulation. Cold tonight Low of 25. Tuesday Cold and mostly cloudy. A little bit of boring weather this week but this time of the year the next big thing is usually only a few days away. Have a great day.


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