Posted by: martysweather | January 20, 2009

1/20/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We had quite a grand round of Flurries Monday and there is a light dusting on some surfaces this morning but I don’t see anything that could be measured and the Rain Gauge doesn’t seem to have anything so we are reporting a “Trace” of precip. for the last 24 hours. We are a bit colder than I thought we would be at 18 degrees this morning and there is a bit of Sun. Clouds will still be prevalent this morning and you can’t rule out a few light Flurries today but less than yesterday. Clearing skies by this afternoon and a Low of 16 tonight. Wednesday and Thursday look to be Sunny and warmer. Highs in 40’s Wed and 50’s on Thursday. Seasonal Lows for Wednesday and Thursday. Winds may be a bit gusty from the North today but sometime early Wednesday shifting more Southerly. For the most part the Lower 48 has calm weather today it’s Cold where it should be and warm where you would expect it to be. We have a little bit of weather for the end of the week here but no big problems for a while. The Intellicast Pacific Infrared Satellite shows a couple of waves that might be in here next week, one of those looks impressive but that’s half a world away so let’s enjoy the calm and dry winter weather for a few days. Now for the facts.

Temperature is 18 degrees and heading up to 32 today and back down to 16 or so tonight. Then the warm up on Wednesday.

Barometer is 30.05″ and Rising. Increasing pressure and Calm dry weather for next couple of days.

Humidity is 85% and will trend lower for a few days.

Wind is West at 2 mph this morning and will be West to Northwest today and possibly a bit gusty as this cold air mass gives way to a slightly warmer Southerly flow late tonight or early Wednesday.

Sky is partly cloudy and will be cloudy at times today but clearing as the day wears on.

The summary is simple for today, Cold and gradual clearing, High of 32. Slight chance of a flurry this morning. Cold and clearing tonight Low of 16. Sunny and Mid 40’s for Wednesday. We still have a few days of calm and average Winter weather ahead so mend your fences and do those chores you have been putting off until it eases up. Cause this is as easy as it gets around here in mid January. Have a good day.


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