Posted by: martysweather | January 23, 2009

1/23/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Sunshine this morning gives way to more clouds later as the weekend approaches. Our brief run of Spring like weather is ending as Winter returns for awhile. Groundhog Day is 10 days away but who’s counting. There is another Cold Front to our immediate West that will bring us rain chances this afternoon and especially this evening. The rain doesn’t look to be heavy but the temperature drop will be very noticeable. This front is the only major weather maker on the map this morning and it is not nearly as impressive now as it was a week ago when it was making it’s way across the Pacific Ocean. The local situation here in Bedford County is we are clearly in a Mid-Winter pattern, the Pasture’s and Lawn are dormant but well watered. When we start getting a little bit higher Sun angle and some warmer days it will not take long for the grass lands to take off. We could have a good hay season this year if the wetter weather trend continues. However…we likely have some more Snow and Ice in our future before we need to worry about sharpening the mower blades. We have nothing in the rain gauge this morning. Now for the facts.

Temperature at 7 AM is 43 deg. We are quickly warming to 62 by early afternoon. The wind shift and rain will drop us to 36 degrees overnight and we may only see 40 degrees for a High on Saturday. The Weekend looks cold.

Barometer is down to 30.00″ with a approaching Cold Front, but look for a rebound on Saturday. Pressure will then be stable until Monday when maybe our next precipitation chances return.

Humidity is 85% and it even feels damp outside this morning in the warmer air.

Wind is SE @ 2 mph. Could be a bit breezy this afternoon. Tomorrow will be Windy and out of the North.

Sky is partly cloudy this morning but quickly becoming cloudy. As I write this I just had to turn the light on so it’s getting cloudy fast. Some clearing on Saturday but still a lot of Clouds around for the weekend.

The summary is Increasing Clouds and Mild temperatures today with Rain later. Colder tonight low of 36 tonight. Saturday Windy and raw with generally cloudy conditions. Today is a transition day as winter returns for awhile. Have a great day.


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