Posted by: martysweather | January 24, 2009

1/24/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

That was fast. Our latest Cold Front went thru over night dropping a lite layer of Sleet and leaving us with a Cold 30 degrees and a North West wind. A cloudy start may yield to a bit of Sun from time to time today. Over all however I expect a windy raw day with maybe 42 degrees for a high. After a cold 25 degree overnight Sunday looks to be partly cloudy and maybe a bit less wind maybe 45 for a High on Sunday. First of the week will be a Mild 50 or so with some rain chances Monday night and Tuesday. The weather activity across the country looks a bit more active this morning and that is a trend that will persist through next week. Our round of sleet measured out to .o1 inches of precipitation for the last 24 hours, we should be dry for the rest of the weekend. Windy raw day today kind of hurts after the last couple of days and both Benji and myself are feeling kind of under the weather so we are staying in today. Now for the facts.

Temperature is 30 degrees and may drop another degree before going up to 42 later today. Tonight low around 24. A bit warmer overall on Sunday but still seasonal for late January.

Barometric pressure is 30.03″ and rising again this morning. Pressure will be on the roller coaster again next week.

Humidity is 80% but drying out with the cold wind today. We stay dry until late Monday at least.

Wind is North West at 5 but will be more gusty at times today. A bit less windy on Sunday but still Northerly until Monday.

Sky is cloudy this morning but clearing a bit during the day, partly cloudy on Sunday.

The summary for the weekend is, Cold and more clouds than Sun for Saturday, partly cloudy on Sunday. Highs in the 40’s and cold but seasonal nights. Warmer for Monday and rain chances returning late Monday. Hope to see you in Church on Sunday, we are going to take today off however.


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