Posted by: martysweather | January 26, 2009

1/26/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It doesn’t feel like things are warming up but in spite of the dreary start I think temperatures may make it into the low to mid 40 degree mark today. Precipitation to our West is slowly moving our way and temperatures West and Northwest are expected to be colder for those folks and some Ice warnings and Freezing Rain warnings are up for those counties. Southern Middle Tennessee is just far enough South of the ridge of colder air and we are expected to remain above freezing over night. Rain however is expected in our area later today and tonight, continuing for Tuesday. Our current inbound weather is coming from the warmer Southwest and a pressure ridge is wrapping some of that moisture through the colder air to our immediate North but we here are just far enough South to escape the ice. Ridges collapse from time to time so you might keep a eye on the Thermometer especially tonight but we should just see rain here. The weather this week does look to be active, now for the facts.

Temperature is 30 degrees at 7 AM and slowly rising to 44 degrees. Low tonight of 34. That is close to freezing and we will have rain. Rebounding to mid 40’s for Tuesday.

Barometer this morning is 30.35″. Currently steady but will drop a bit with the rain coming in from the West and Southwest. No deep drop in pressure and still nothing “Big” coming this way.

Humidity is 68% this morning. Dry for this hour of the day. The first rain showers in here will have trouble getting all the way to the ground, so our precipitation will not start until later.

Wind is Northwest at 4 mph this morning. No wind shifts for today and only light wind speeds.

Sky is overcast and will remain so for the most part. We will not see a lot of sun for a few days.

The summary for today, Cloudy and cool, High of 44 and rain chances later today and tonight. Low of 34 over night. Rain likely Tuesday with mid 40’s. We should escape the icing tonight but if you are traveling late keep a eye on that temperature. Have a good day.


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