Posted by: martysweather | January 28, 2009

1/28/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Things are really coming together this morning for a mess here. School is open but just to the West of here the freezing line is getting closer. Our neighbors to the North in Kentucky have a disaster on their hands and it’s not over with yet. It’s never a good sign when you see Jim Cantore from “The Weather Channel” in your town and he is in Paducah, Kentucky today. The wind was the problem here over night with gust of 25 to 28 mph late last night. Rain some of it heavy at times early this morning have deposited .56″ in the gauge and still falling at observation time. Whatever falls today will be frozen by tonight as the warmth of yesterday will give way to colder temperatures this evening. Thursday looks like a bit of Sun and mid 40’s and then another shot at Snow chances Thursday night and Friday morning but that’s still iffy for the moment. We just need to get through today first, the warm spell we just had will help us to avoid some of the road problems and the speed with which the system is moving means maybe the freezing precipitation will not last to long. There are radio reports coming in now of some trees down in the County but those are from the wind and heavy rain, we have not had any ice yet. Now the facts as we found them at 7:00.

Temperature at 7:00 was 38 degrees, it was 42 at 6:00 and by now at 8:00 it is 34. The temperature is definitely going down.

Barometer is 29.80 and falling, unstable is the order of the day. Hopefully we can get a rebound soon so our friends will feel better.

Humidity is reading 95% and may as well be 100%. Wet is the order of the day.

Wind is NW at 8 mph but from time to time the Vane spins all the way around and does a complete 360 degree turn. There are 2 separate air masses joining together to make up this mess, the warm mass from the South colliding with the Cold mass from the North is responsible for the Ice. We are close to the convergence line, some stations less than 75 miles to our South are still having 50 degree temps.

The Sky is Overcast and don’t expect much if any Sun today.

The summary for today, Falling temperatures and a hopefully brief round of Snow and Ice. Clearing but cold tonight. Partly cloudy and Seasonal temps in the 40’s for Thursday. Some precip chances Thursday night. I still think we have dodged the really bad stuff again but Winter has a ways to go yet. Have a good day try to stay in if you can,

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