Posted by: martysweather | January 30, 2009

1/30/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The clouds are hanging in there this morning but maybe we will see some Sun before the day gets away. In any case the Saturday and Sunday weather looks fair and down right mild by Sunday. We seem to be drying out a bit and a couple of dry sunny days will get us in shape for next weeks opening act. Some guy I heard on the Ham radio yesterday said that he heard the storm coming for Monday could be the biggest snow maker we have had in recent years. But…that’s a I heard that he heard kind of thing those guys on the radio are all ways doing. We will try to have some better information by tomorrow. From what I can see on the Satellite pictures the “system” is not even on shore yet. I’m kind of hoping the roads don’t get to bad, I bought a Antique Radio on Ebay yesterday that I would like to get delivered early next week. I’m itching to take that thing apart and rebuild it. I guess I’m getting bored, but enough of my rambling let’s get to the facts.

Temperature this morning is 27 degrees. I think we can see 40 for a High today and then 25 for a low tonight. We need to see a little bit of Sun to get to 40 however.

Barometer is 30.22″ up a bit from yesterday and should be up for the most part all weekend. We will watch for the drop on Monday to tell the tale on how big the next event will be.

Humidity is 90% but falling as we dry up a bit.

Wind is Calm but may be a little gusty later according to some reports I’ve seen. Mostly Northwest.

Sky is cloudy but will be clearing later. Sunny for the weekend.

The summary for today is short and too the point. Partly Cloudy and cool. 40 degrees for a High and down to 25 tonight. Fair and mild for the weekend period. We have to study some on the Monday weather coming in but lets enjoy the end of January first. Have a good day.


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