Posted by: martysweather | January 31, 2009

1/31/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The last day of January and it looks to be a fine mid winters day. Clear sky and bright sunshine after a frosty night. Calm wind this morning will give way to Southwestern breezes today and that means a High of 52 degrees and even warmer for Sunday. Lows in the mid 30’s tonight and Sunday. A few more clouds later Sunday and a bit more wind. I think today and Sunday will be about as good as it gets for this time of year so make the most of it, because sometime late day Sunday the wind should shift to the Northwest and clouds and rain chances return quickly with yet another strong Cold Front. I received a E Mail yesterday from my CoCoRahs boss at the National Weather Service office in Nashville and the people who know about these sort of things are concerned that we might have a significant Winter Weather event on Monday and Tuesday. So… while you are stocking up on snacks for the Super Bowl you might want to get the usual Milk Bread and Eggs and fill up the old gas tank while you are at it. I’ve been burned more than once trying to predict Snow but I’m going out on a limb one more time because the indicators have been there for several weeks that we could have at least 1 big snow event this year. Now for the facts.

At 7:00 AM it is 21 degrees but rising with the Sunshine up to 52 and holding onto a low of 34 tonight. Sunday we could hit 62 degrees and only down to 36 for a low on Sunday night.

Barometer is 30.25″ and Rising but looking for a drop on Sunday. The drop should coincide with a wind shift and then colder temperatures.

Humidity is 92% this morning, the Southwestern wind will keep moisture in place for our next weather event.

Wind is calm this morning but will be Southwest and light once it gets going. Breezier on Sunday and shifting Northwest late day Sunday.

Sky is clear today and will remain mostly clear until later in the day on Sunday. Maybe a few cumulus today and some Alto Stratus by Sunday morning.

The summary for this weekend, Fair and mild today and Sunday with seasonal lows in the 30’s tonight and Sunday night. Monday increasing clouds and Winter weather that will bear some close scrutiny on Monday morning. Enjoy the weekend,hope to see you in Church on Sunday.


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