Posted by: martysweather | February 9, 2009

1/9/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Spring continues, and it’s amazing how quickly the grass can dry out during the dormant time of the year. After a few days of low Humidity and Southerly breezes Bedford County and most surrounding Counties have had a rash of Grass and Brush fires over the weekend. At one point Saturday morning there were 3 wild fires and a structure fire all at the same time in different parts of the county. The fire danger should lessen today in the face of higher Humidity levels, we are posting 93% this morning. High temperatures of 70 and 72 degrees on Sat and Sun exceeded expectations but were not really a big surprise. The country is fairly evenly divided between warm and cold air and we are in the Northern part of the warm section. To our South just a few days after freezing temperatures were threatening the fruit crop now it more like Summer time. This all ends at some point later in the week but meanwhile we are looking for 72 degrees again today. I have had E Mail from my liaison at the Weather Service Office concerning Tuesday evening and Wednesday for possible severe weather but that will not ramp up before tomorrow. Rain chances begin tonight and we can expect the wind speeds to pick up today as the atmosphere becomes more active. Today will be a transition day with Clouds and Sun and increasing winds. There has not been any severe weather that I am aware of to our West associated with the Air that is coming our way but by tomorrow night there is a fair chance we will see some of that colder air to our Northwest collide with this warm air so most of the Weather guru’s are being cautious especially after the big February Tornado outbreak we had last year. Now for today’s facts.

Temperature at 7:00 AM is 46 degrees. Rising to 72 today and only dropping to about 55 over night. That’s well above normal for Mid winter.

Barometer is 30.25″ and has been steady for last 24 hours. We are watching for a drop, the speed of and amount of that decrease will be a strong indicator of our chances of Thunder Storms on Tuesday.

Humidity is 93% this morning. A direct result of a couple of days of Southerly breezes. That should lessen our Fire danger but can fuel the rain chances for tomorrow.

Wind is Southeast at a gentle 2 mph, but speed will increase today and 25 or 30 mph gust are possible.

The Sky is Mostly Cloudy this morning, look for Clouds and Sun today. More clouds overnight.

The Forecast Summary for today, Warm temperatures with 72 degrees possible. Sun and Clouds and increasing winds. Rain chances tonight. Rain likely Tuesday and Storm possibilities Tuesday night and Wednesday, so we have a lot to keep a eye on . Have a good day, hope all my friends are feeling better.


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