Posted by: martysweather | February 12, 2009

2/12/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Tranquility has returned to our little part of the world this morning. We have a good bit of litter scattered about the yard and the field next to the house, this was blown in from who knows where on the face of some 60 mph wind gusts during our brief but scary wind storm yesterday. I hope yesterday is not a prelude to what the Spring Storm season will be like. There will be a Storm Spotter Training class in Manchester next month on Tuesday, March 3…6pm at Coffee County Rescue Squad (2270 Murfreesboro Hwy. These classes are interesting even if you don’t plan on going out and chasing storms. I’ve chased my share but I have seen some of the most interesting weather right here in my front yard. I don’t know who teaches these now, a guy by the name of Jerry Orchanian taught for several years but he passed away last fall. Friday afternoon we get another shot of rain and then the weekend looks fair and cool. I don’t see anything major on the horizon right now so as we go into the middle of February it looks a little bit ho hum. The Spring Equinox is 36 days away so we can expect to see some signs of transition. This usually means a struggle between Winter and Spring so the next month is frequently the most unpredictable time of the year. Well I guess I’m rambling again since there’s not a lot going on today so here are the facts for Thursday morning.

We had .50″ of rain yesterday. That half inch ALL fell in about a 30 minute span.

The Temperature at 7:00 is 38 degrees. Cooler last night than predicted but I still expect to see 60 degrees today and Friday. Low tonight a seasonal 35 degrees.

Barometer is 30.20″ and rising this morning. We will get a bit of a dip Friday with the rain but rebounding nicely for the weekend. After Friday maybe we an have a little stability for awhile.

Humidity is only 70% this morning even as wet as everything is.

Wind is Northwest at 2 mph. Gentle breezes today and tonight. Friday a Southerly shift will increase our next rain chance before returning to the North on Saturday.

The Sky is clear this morning. We may see some Cumulus today but a lot of Sun as well. Another round of Clouds for Friday.

The summary for today is Fair and Mild. Cool tonight with increasing clouds. High of 60 and low about 35 tonight. Enjoy a quite day today. Winter is not over yet but there are Sunny days ahead. Have a good day.


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