Posted by: martysweather | February 14, 2009

2/14/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s damp and foggy but you can’t complain about the temperature. The next couple of days we can expect some rather dreary cloudy weather, there is a big blob of wet disturbed weather just south of here. I don’t think this will be anything but a inconvenience however unless you were hoping for a Spring like weekend. Monday maybe we get some Sun back. There is not any real weather to be concerned about before Tuesday night or Wednesday and we will look into that Monday. So since it’s Saturday and I’m already running late here are the facts.

We have had .03″ of rain in the last 24 hours. From a light drizzle that continues to fall now.

Temperature at 7 AM is 48 degrees going up to 60 today and down to 35 tonight. Sunday should be about 10 degrees cooler across the board as we might start to clear up a bit.

Barometer is 29.95″ and Steady right now. Looking for a rise especially on Sunday.

Humidity is 95% and we have fog this morning. We might start to dry out some as the wet stuff to our South moves further away.

Wind is calm but will be trending to the Northwest later and will remain Northerly until Tuesday when a shift will indicate another chance for rain showers.

Sky is Overcast and foggy. We will be cloudy most of the weekend, some occasional Sun especially Sunday. Look for clearing for Monday.

The summary for this weekend is Mostly cloudy with occasional light rain and drizzles. High in upper 50’s on Saturday and Lower 50’s on Sunday. Low on Saturday 36 degrees and on Sunday of 26 degrees. Some clearing on Sunday and Sunny on Monday. Happy Valentines Day girls, and guys you better take her out for dinner tonight. Have a great end of the week.


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