Posted by: martysweather | February 19, 2009

2/19/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Once again we enjoy a return to tranquility on a Sunny if cool Thursday morning. Wednesday afternoon was a bit stormy around some parts of Middle Tennessee but Bedford County escaped most of the rough weather and most of our friends in surrounding counties came out OK even though it was a bit more intense to our East. I only logged .02″ of rain here but some folks had a good deal more than that. Today will be a classic cool late Winter day, after the Cold 31 deg. start even with a lot of Sun I doubt if we will get over 40 degrees today and that with a 15 mph North Wind will have a bit of bite to it. Tonight continues to be Fair and cold with a low of 20 degrees. Friday looks to be slightly warmer or at least seasonably cool. Saturdays not looking to swift at the moment so we will study up on that some today and this evening. It’s looks like my buddy is going to take me on a trip South of the Border (Alabama) Saturday so hopefully it will not be to messy.
Now for the facts from this morning.

We logged .02″ of rain for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7:00 is 31 degrees on the way to only 40. Low of 20 tonight maybe 25 in the City.

Barometer is 30.05″ and Rising. We should return to stable pressure for 36 hours or so. Remember your Barometer may not read the exact number that someone else’s does in your area but the direction that needle is going and the speed of that change is what tells you what is happening.

Humidity is down to 68% this morning. That’s a bit on the low side for this hour so this wind from the North is dry. Humidity is measured relative to Temperature so normally readings are Highest at night and early morning and it goes down during the warming of the day. That is why Benjamin Franklin stressed taking observations at the same time of day.

Wind is North at 8 mph and will average 10 to 15 most of the day. The speed might let up some after dark. Looking for a Southerly shift late day Friday or sometime Friday night.

Sky is mostly clear and will be Sunny today and true Blue with low humidity.

The summary for today is Fair and cool, about 10 deg. less than average. Fair and Cold tonight. Friday looks about the same but a tad warmer. Have a good day.


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