Posted by: martysweather | February 23, 2009

2/23/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I trust you all had a great time this weekend and now guess what, it’s Monday and the sun is shining and Woody the Woodpecker is out back in the wood lot somewhere hard at it this morning. We did see a few flurries late Saturday and a few more on Sunday morning but that has all cleared out. It looks like we will be dry today and Tuesday but the clouds at least will back by tomorrow afternoon and rain chances return on Wednesday. It doesn’t look stormy for Wednesday this week, that won’t come until Thursday and we have a bit of time yet to look at that a little bit more closely. Temps today may make mid 40’s for the high and then mid 20’s tonight. We will be 10 degrees warmer on Tuesday. There is not a lot more going on this morning in the East but there is a lot of weather on the West Coast that will be here by Thursday. The wind is calm this morning but will become Northwest at around 5 mph as the morning gets cranked up a bit. Looking for the shift South sometime tomorrow. Well…I’m headed to Columbia today so we need to get to the facts.

We had .11″ in the rain bucket Sunday morning but not a drop in the last 24 hours except for a trace of snow flurries.
Temperature is 18 degrees at 7:00 AM headed for 45 for the High and down to 25 tonight. I think we might see 52 or so on Tuesday.

Barometer is a strong 30.55″ this morning but should fall off that today and slowly fall tomorrow, but not to fast and we can still expect a fair amount of stable air for the next 24 hours at least.

Humidity is 95% this morning and we have a hefty frost to show for it. We will dry out a bit today.

Wind is calm but will maintain Northwest at 5 mph. Calm tonight and shifting Southward tomorrow afternoon if not sooner.

Sky is Clear today and will remain so today but clouds returning Tuesday and maybe overcast by Tuesday night.

The summary for today is Fair and cool, Cold tonight but not unseasonable. Fair to partly cloudy on Tuesday and a little bit warmer. All in all not a bad couple of days. We will however have a lot more to write about later in the week. Have a good day.


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