Posted by: martysweather | February 24, 2009

2/24/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I don’t see nearly as much sun this morning as yesterday morning but I think at times today we still may see enough to keep the blues away for another day. Last night was one of those cruel evil nights where it was clear enough early to allow frost on your windshield and then cloudy later to prevent the early morning sun from clearing the frost off the glass, “I hate it when that happens.” I expect we should be warmer today with a High of about 54 degrees here in the Southern Part of the region. Monday was not really to bad for late February I don’t care what anybody says. Spring is still 24 days away. Starting tomorrow we have some rain chances but nothing serious. We may start to see some slightly heavier rain and maybe some thunder by Thursday but still not a lot of dynamics for severe weather. This is Severe Weather Awareness Week by the way, but if you follow my blog I bet you already are Severe Weather aware because we are always looking for something. It’s pretty quite around here today so let’s get to the facts.

We did not report any precipitation for the last 24 hours.
The Temperature at 7:00 AM is a cool 24 degrees after a low of 20 overnight. Some clouds crept in late and warmed us up a bit. High of 54 today and down to 38 tonight. No frost in the morning. I’m getting tired of frosty mornings in case no one noticed.

Barometer is 30.40″ and just falling a bit but still stable enough we are in good shape today.

Humidity of 85% is not out of the average range for this hour but we do have enough moisture to support clouds and they are on the increase today.

Wind is calm this morning but the indicator is pointing more West than North this morning and the shift to the Southwest is first thing on the schedule this morning.

The Sky is partly cloudy today but still I think more Sun than Clouds for the first half of the day anyway. By tonight we will be cloudy for a few days.

The summary for today increasing clouds and a high of 54 degrees. Cloudy tonight with a low of 36. Cloudy tomorrow with increasing rain chances. We have one more fair day left this week so try to take advantage of it. Hope everyone is well.


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