Posted by: martysweather | February 26, 2009

2/26/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

I took a early morning stroll this morning because Benji has been down in his back for a few days but the Aspirin has finally eased him up to where he’s walking pretty good for a doggie who will be 13 years old next month and he had some investigating to do. It would appear that the grass is starting to show some signs of life, Lord knows it has had enough rain, so I’m pretty sure it will not be long before mowing season begins. I heard my Woodpecker again today and there was a flock of Geese headed North this morning so even though we could still see some cold weather and maybe still have a shot of Snow, Winter is slowly loosing it’s grip. Spring is 22 days away and perhaps the dire mood of our Country will improve with the warming weather. Oh well I guess in 6 months we’ll be wishing for some Fall weather and whining about the Heat. Meanwhile it’s Partly Cloudy this morning and our 47 degrees feels like 57 with that gentle South wind. We can expect some showers today but once again we’ll see some Sun at times. The Wind will be picking up today and will be fairly breezy by this evening. I hate to have to mention this but over night we have some Thunderstorm Chances and for those of you who REALLY don’t care for these things it’s looking like a long active storm season this year. The NWS hasn’t mentioned and no one to our West has seen any Tornado’s but I’m thinking we’ll stay on top of things tonight. Hail and gusty winds seem to be the most likely threat. So it’s a Partly cloudy early and mostly cloudy later kind of day, warming up to maybe 65 if we get enough Sun. Low tonight of 55 degrees with Rain and Storms possible late. You can’t complain about the Temperature. I love the sound of the furnace not running. Benji is sound asleep and snoring a bit, guess that walk took a lot out of him. Now for the facts.

We managed to report .15″ of rain to the CoCoRahs folks this morning.
Temperature at 7 AM is 47 degrees, some folks are reporting 50 in places. I expect 65 for a High today. Low tonight only down to 55 degrees as some warmer air and stormy weather moves this way,

Barometer is still steady at 30.20″ we may see that fall off tonight so keep a eye on that one.

Humidity is 80% this morning and it feels damp, but it’s more of a warm damp. We have enough upper air moisture for just about any kind of precipitation that wants to come along.

Wind is Southeast at 6 mph and wind speeds are on the upswing. Next wind direction shift will be sometime late Friday night.

Sky is Partly cloudy this morning but clouds are definitely on the increase today.

The summary for today is Increasing Clouds and mild. with 65 degrees for the High. Occasional rain showers but no widespread rain today. Mild tonight with a Low of 55 degrees in advance of warmer and more unstable air. Thunderstorm chances late tonight. Keep the NOAA Weather Radio on this evening. Hope you all are well, have a good day.


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