Posted by: martysweather | February 28, 2009

2/28/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Since this is most decidedly not a Leap year today is the last day of February. While I think it’s usually a good idea to “Beware the Ides of March” especially if you are a Julius Caesar, you might also want to beware the 1st of March in Middle Tennessee. The last 3 weeks of Winter have in years past rewarded us with some of our worst Winter weather and tonight might be a fine example. There is a Winter Weather Advisory in effect tonight from 6PM until 6 AM Sunday morning. That might have to be extended to 9 AM here in the Southern section and points further East of Nashville. There is a very complex series of things happening to effect our situation and I have given up trying to make complete sense of it all. The wind has been all the way around the compass in the last 24 hours but has decided to settle on the Northwest this morning and the temperature is dropping. We have a fairly steady but light rain falling as well and at 38 degrees it will not have to fall for very long before some bridges could start to get slippery. No one is mentioning the possibility of freezing rain but if we had a period of several hours late this afternoon before the rain changes over to snow it could be a BAD thing, but the schedule is for a quick change and we don’t want a Ice storm. Our West Tennessee counties have a Winter Storm Warning but historically the guys at the Nashville office don’t issues those until the Storm is already here. My advice would be to be home by 6 PM tonight with food to last until Monday. Next week looks for a gradual warming trend so whatever we get will not hang out long. Now for the facts as we see them at 7 AM.

We had .33″ of Rain in the bucket for the last 24 hours and it was raining at observation time.
Temperature is 38 degrees looking for a possible warm up to 42 but it may not warm up at all in some lower laying areas. Low of 30 degrees tonight.

Barometer is 29.90″ and is falling. My pressure readings have been up and down during the last 24 hours but the general trend is down.

Humidity is 98% and may as well be 100%. We have plenty of wet to add to the cold air coming tonight.

Wind has settled into the Northwest at 6 mph this morning, with the weather coming in this evening we could see increasing speeds and gusty conditions tonight. Wind does help paved surfaces of bridges cool faster so road conditions will be deteriorating quickly this evening.

The Sky is overcast and don’t look for any Sun today, we should see clouds breaking up by Sunday afternoon.

The Summary is, Possible Winter Weather later today. Snow is forecast for tonight and early Sunday. Ending by noon in Southeast Tennessee. High of 40 today dropping quickly to a Low of 30 tonight. Clearing by Sunday afternoon and a High forecast for 44 Sunday. Low in the mid 20’s Sunday night so beware of re freezing conditions. Spring is 20 days away. Have a Safe weekend, if we have Church in the morning I hope to see you there.


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