Posted by: martysweather | March 2, 2009

3/2/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

We spent 3 months looking for that Snow and we found it, all 7″ in one shot. So….with that out of the way the general consensus amongst my trusted advisers is “we are holding out for Spring” now………18 days away. While a good bit of Middle Tennessee only saw a inch or less there was a band of heavy Snow running across the Southern Region that generated as much as 10 inches in Wartrace and 5 to 7 in most spots. We had 7 here in Northwest Bedford County and my friend in Manchester had 7 as well and her pictures looked like she was standing in a Winter scene more like New Hampshire than Tennessee. My Niece in New Hampshire will be seeing this same storm today and bless her heart she’s already had a very hard Winter. It’s Cold here at 22 degrees and even with full Sun don’t expect more than 39 for the High and that dang wind is still blowing at 12 mph giving us a Wind Chill factor of 14 degrees if you are crazy enough to stand out there in it. Tonight we will be colder than last night with maybe a 15 degree low, but Tuesday we will finally crack 40 degrees and even more in the afternoon if we get a wind shift. The rest of the week is looking like Fair with a few clouds and a warming trend. There is not another Storm on the horizon but we have at least a couple of weeks to get thru before the Ice threat eases up, and then naturally the Spring Storm Season kicks in in earnest, it’s always something. Now for the facts.

We Logged .28″ of Precipitation in the gauge Sunday morning but it was clogged with Snow so that is not a very accurate indication. We measured 7″ of Snow. There has not been any further Snow since early Sunday morning.
The Temperature at 7:00 is 22 degrees slowly headed up to 39 for a High and down to 15 tonight.

The Barometer is up to 30.30″ after being down in the 29.80’s to 90’s Saturday night. We should have stable pressure and fair weather all week unless something breaks down.

The Humidity is 70%, mostly because we have a lot of ice laying around. The melting snow will actually increase lower level humidity due to evaporation effect, but the upper air where the weather comes from is dry.

Wind is Northwest at 12 and hopefully finally easing up to 5 mph by tonight. Next shift maybe Tuesday night.

Sky is clear and remains mostly clear today and tomorrow.

The summary for today, Fair and Cold. Very cold tonight. Slightly warmer on Tuesday.
The Sun on that Ice will melt and re freeze into a very slick glaze and it’s dangerous, especially if you are as old as me so please be careful, a broken hip will drastically change your life and not for the better. Have a good day.


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