Posted by: martysweather | March 3, 2009

3/3/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

There is no shortage of Sun radiating the East Side picture window this morning. I still have enough Snow laying around that it’s a bit inconvenient for me and my doggie to take a morning stroll not to mention that the ground is pretty soggy around here. That’s gonna change in a big way by the end of the week. The Jet stream is going to open the door to some seriously warmer air over the next several days and by Saturday the Temperature could and likely will be well over 70 degrees. This warmup over a period of several days combined with the slightly higher sun angle we are getting now and longer days is the catylist that will shock our dormant trees grasses flowers and yes even the weeds are waiting to come back to life. There will be some rain chances along with all that warm air and we will be on the lookout for anything that might be more than just a shower but the warming trend will be a relief from the last few days. I guess my Woodpecker got his nest finished because I don’t hear him hammering anymore. I did stick my head out in time this morning to see my herd of Deer strolling along the South fence line, there was 4 of them today. Now here are the facts that we have such as they are at 7 AM this morning.

We have not recorded any precipitation for the last 24 hours.

Temperature at 7 AM is 20 degrees. The Low last night was a cold 14 degrees, but we are headed to 44 today if the Sun has it’s way, and it will only go down to mid 20’s tonight.

Barometer is up to 30.45″ and may rise a bit more today. We will have a few ups and downs over the next several days but mostly the trend is up and stable.

Humidity is 65% and will dry out a bit more today. The dry air combined with the warmer temps is going to get rid of a lot more of this ice that’s still laying around.

Wind is North at 7 mph. Sometime over night tonight the shift to the South will make Wednesday much warmer than today and we get our next preview of Spring.

The Sky is Clear this morning, you might see a fair weather Cumulus but it can’t survive long with this High Barometeric pressure. By later Wednesday we might start to see a few clouds.

The Summary for today is Fair and still cold with a high of 44 degrees. Fair tonight with a low of 25. Wednesday warmer with maybe 55 degrees or perhaps even warmer in the Southern region. A month ago this 44 degrees today would have been considered a warmer day so I guess I got Spring on my mind. But it’s still 17 days until the Spring Equinox. Also my Wife is reporting a sharp spike in Flue cases at her office so we likely are at the peak of the season. The Shots aren’t working as well as they should so avoid people for the next week and get plenty of rest. Hope everyone has a good day.


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