Posted by: martysweather | March 4, 2009

3/4/2009 @ 7:00 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Well it’s actually more like 11:00 AM because we lost our Internet Connection. But the guys did a pretty fair job of getting out here and we have a new Modem and we are back up to speed. The weather is glorious as you have I’m sure noticed by now. As the time has gotten away from me today I must keep this short. Sunny and mild today at 55 degrees for the high and 32 for a low tonight. Thursday looks like 65 for a High and it just keeps on getting better.Here are the facts from 7:00 AM.

No rain last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM was 24 degrees and rising.

Barometer is 30.40″ and it’s steady.

Humidity is 75% and dropping a bit in the warmer air today.

Wind is Calm but last indicated South and that’s going to be the key for the warm up today.

Sky is mostly clear. We have some wispy upper air Alto Stratus that snook in here yesterday but don’t worry about that.

Summary for today is Fair and Mild, High 55 and Low tonight about 32. Thursday looking 10 degrees warmer. We will try to get back to normal tomorrow. Have a good day.


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