Posted by: martysweather | March 5, 2009

It’s Tornado Season

I usually use this blog to vent but this time around I want to maybe Save somebodies life for a change. March madness has for me always been more about Storm Season than Basketball. And it’s looking like a active season this year. Severe weather is one of those things that everybody has some level of awareness about but people get caught up in their day to day stuff and don’t pay much attention to what’s going on around them. When the weather is warming up in the South the Air starts rising and Thunderstorms can form. Now…everybody has seen those pictures of the big massive twisters in Oklahoma and Texas and the mid west states. But in Tennessee you can’t see as far because of the hills and our Super Cell thunderstorms tend to have more rain in the front end that makes it hard to see. Under the right conditions just about any decent Thunderstorm can produce a Tornado and that Funnel doesn’t have to be massive towering and majestic to destroy your home or business and you with it. This picture is more like what we have here in Tennessee. Get and use a NOAA weather radio. Do it for the people you love that depend on you. In Tennessee Tornado’s form quickly and usually don’t travel for long distances, however we have had a few long path Tornado’s in the last couple of years, you have very little time to take cover but thanks to a very organized effort on the part of the National Weather Service and Amateur Radio there is a Spotter Network that is working to improve the lead time and give you a chance to take shelter. Stay safe and don’t wait for the “Train Sound”, the last one I saw didn’t sound much like anything but Thunder. If you hear the wind you are already to close to help yourself do anything but pray it misses you.

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