Posted by: martysweather | March 7, 2009

3/7/2009 @ 7:00 in Bedford County, Tennessee

We had a good deal more Sun than was expected yesterday afternoon, at least around here anyway. The Sun was setting and the Moon was rising over nearly clear skies last evening. That has yielded to Fog and a light mist falling this morning. This must have started in the last hour or so because the Rain Gauge does not have any water in the drum, but we did report a Trace amount to Nashville because Benji’s furry little heine got damp when we went out to read the gauge. The current precipitation event is so light that it’s not showing up on radar and when this scoots by I think we will have a mixture of Clouds and Sun today. If we get enough Sun that 75 degrees is a real possibility since we are already nearly at the 60 degree mark. The Barometer is still indicating a good stable pressure at 30.15″ but later today that might start to fall off a bit and Rain chances go up for Sunday and especially Sunday night. I’m told that a Frontal boundary is expected to waver back and forth over Tennessee for several days giving us a period of unsettled weather and continuing rain and Thundershower chances for several days. We will however be warm with Highs in the 60’s and 70’s until at least Wednesday. We also have with all of this warm air a chance for some Thunderstorms but nothing looks like we can expect any Severe outbreaks yet so it’s just something to keep a eye on. The Spring Equinox is 13 days away and at least five or six of those look to be fairly mild and after we all had our Big Snow and we have agreed we don’t want anymore before next Christmas I’m hoping the Winter weather has run it’s course. Our morning Frost chances still have about 4 weeks left but soon it will be time to plant some Tomatoes. Now for the facts for today.

We reported a Trace amount of precipitation for the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM was 56 degrees and rising. We are looking for 75 today and a low of 55 tonight. Sunday High of about 74 and a low of 55.

Barometer is 30.15″ and Falling, we can expect some ups and downs over the next few days as a front wavers back and forth. But the trend will be a bit down for a few days.

Humidity is 90%. We have fog and mist in the air so it’s more like 100% on your skin. The general trend will be damp for next few days.

Wind is Southwest at 2 mph. There is still a likelihood of gusty winds later as the Sun warms the air up. The wind will continue to be mostly Southerly for next several days.

Sky is Cloudy this morning with Fog. We should have Clouds and Sun today and mostly Cloudy Sunday. First of the week continues to be Mostly Cloudy.

The Summary for today and Sunday is Cloudy with some periods of Sun. Warm temperatures and increasing Rain chances tonight and Sunday. Sunday begins a period of Thunder chances but so far nothing severe in the forecast. Have a good day even if it’s a bit dreary out at least the furnace is not running. Hope to see you in Church on Sunday.


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