Posted by: martysweather | March 9, 2009

3/9/2009 @ 7 AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s taking me a couple of days to get used to the time changing to Daylight Saving Time but it looks like it will be worth it because we got a lot of daylight to enjoy today. A rather weak front passed through here yesterday evening giving some spots a little rain but the Southern Region only had a mild Sunday evening. This morning finds us mild and Sunny with a gentle North wind that will quickly pull back to the South or southwest and with only the slightest chance of showers we could hit 74 degrees for our high temperature. Tuesday we warm up dramatically and may be well into the 70’s and possibly see 80 degrees for the first time. The end result of that could be a stormy Wednesday so stay tuned in tomorrow for more on that. Now since it’s mighty fine outside we got stuff to do here are the facts for Monday morning.

We had no precipitation for the last 48 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 48 degrees and rising quickly into the 50’s headed to 74 for a High and 57 for the Low. Tuesday may see 80 degrees.

Barometer is 30.15″ and rising after being down over the weekend.Look for a down trend on Tuesday.

Humidity is 80% this morning but that will lower in the heating of the day. Our Southerly flow will begin to moisten the upper air later today.

Wind is North at 2 mph behind the front that passed through over night but will fill in from the South later this morning Gentle breezes today will be more gusty Tuesday as we really see increasing rain chances.

Sky is partly cloudy but will be more Sun than clouds today. Mostly Sunny at least first half of Tuesday.

The summary for today, Fair and mild with mostly a Sunny day. High 74 degrees and Low of 57. Wind increasing on Tuesday but warmer still at near 80 for the High. Enjoy a great day.


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