Posted by: martysweather | March 11, 2009

3/11/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Well the Thunderstorm threat last night was a bust, but who’s complaining about that. And just when I go out on a limb and predict a end to the Wintry precipitation we wake up to talk of Winter Weather Advisories and Winter Storm Watches. Hopefully that mess will stay to our North but if you look at the map and run the possible scenarios we have a shot at some Freezing Rain and I would prefer Snow to Ice. Thursday night will be interesting. Meanwhile it’s cooling off but still in the 50’s at observation this morning. The Deck and Walk is damp but just a few drops on the CoCoRahs Rain Gauge and nothing inside so we are again reporting a Trace amount. It is just starting to Sprinkle again now so a chance for more light rain this morning. Not much Sun is going get through all these Clouds this morning but we might see some Sun briefly this afternoon. The word must be getting around because I hear two more Woodpeckers, one out back and one across the street. The Rain chances go down after this morning and then late tonight the rain is coming back, the problem is it could be cold here when the rain comes back. The good news is if we see any Ice it will be short lived owing to likely Highs of nearly 50 on Friday. I guess it’s just that Transition between Seasons time and you can’t really tell what you are going to get. Now for the one thing I am sure of right now, the facts at 7 AM.

We reported a Trace of Rain for the last 24 hours.
Temperature is 51 degrees and falling. Most of today we will be in the 40’s. Low tonight of 34 with Rain returning. Hope that 34 holds up. Thursday High of 40 and then 34 for a Low on Thursday night, hope that one holds up as well.

Barometer is 30.15″ and rising behind the front that passed through over night. This will waver a bit as the rain chance returns. However the Stable pressure was a fair indicator that we would not and thankfully did not have the Severe weather that some folks in the mid west saw over the first of the week.

Humidity is 90% this morning. Feel more like 100% and we have moisture for just about any kind of precipitation the Temperature will allow.

Wind is NW at 12. Shifted apparently just before I went out this morning. The wind does not feel all that cold yet but it will cool down fairly quickly. Don’t look for any shift back to the South for a few days.

The Sky is overcast and will continue to be so most of the day with only a brief break in a few spots.

The Summary is, Winter is not over but if we can stay above freezing we might can dodge one more bullet tonight and Thursday. I guess that’s two bullets. Cloudy and colder today. Rain ending this morning but returning tonight. We already had our High of 55 today, look for 40’s this afternoon and 34 tonight. You might keep a eye on the old thermometer tonight and check your weather radio for any updates. Have a good day anyway,


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