Posted by: martysweather | March 12, 2009

3/12/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

Some days it all just seems to work out because our forecast Low of 34 degrees held up and this chilly still Winter morning is only seeing a few sprinkles on the deck and walk and looking through the glass I see only .01″ of precipitation in the Rain gauge. The Wind is biting Cold however and hard out of the North at 6 to 10 mph, today will be a good day to stay indoors if you can manage it. The next several days have rain chances and the wind will remain Northerly until Saturday. Then shifting towards the East and then South. We look to be a bit on the cool side for the next few days but finally a Southerly flow early next week restores our Highs back to the 60’s. Counting today there are 8 days of Winter left and I’m still hoping we have seen the worst here in the Southern Region at least. Meanwhile in our immediate future look for 40 degrees for a High today and we need to maintain 34 for a low tonight. Rain off and on today. Looking at the NWS map the Southern Branch of the Jet Stream is running right over our heads in a Southwest to Northeast direction. The trick is to stay on the Southern side of that ridge of air. The Jet stream is carrying numerous patches of disturbed weather that will bring off and on rain. Now having said all of that we just have to hope the jet doesn’t slip South 50 miles and we have to take it all back. Now for the facts.

We report .01″ of rain in the last 24 hours.
Temperature at 7 AM is 34 degrees. Look tor a High of 40 and a Low of 34 tonight.

Barometer is 30.35″ and Steady. Strong stable pressure this morning and thanks to that the Cold air to our North and the Warmer air just to our South are colliding but in this case we don’t have the Thunderstorms we might have if the Barometer was .30 or.40 inches lower.

Humidity is 67%. A bit low for this hour and likely as not part of the reason our rain has been so light. The Jet stream is toting a good deal of wet air however and our Relative Humidity is going to be a bit higher over the next couple of days.

The Wind is North at 6 mph this morning. Look for 10 to 15 mph today and tonight. This will make it a very uncomfortable day to be outside.

The Sky is Cloudy. There is Blue up there but we won’t be likely seeing much of it before early next week.

The Summary for today is Cloudy with Rain and Cold Wind. Hopefully nothing but rain. More of the same tonight and tomorrow. Unless you have to go out I advise staying in. The Flue bug is still running crazy and a lot of folks are sick so don’t risk lowering your immune system by exposing yourself to a lot of this damp cold wind. But if you do get sick and have insurance the Doctor is in and they could use your business. I have a friend having a “procedure” today. Hope everything comes out okay in the end. Everyone else, have a great day.


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