Posted by: martysweather | March 17, 2009

3/17/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

The birds are grounded this morning and not just at the airport. Foggy morning’s usually mean fair weather days and today is honoring the rule. In a couple of hours I expect to see blue sky and sunshine. We have a lot of mud and general wetness here and a good dose of sunshine is just what we need today, and some 72 degree temps to go along with it. Today and most of Wednesday look Fair but Thursday may see another brief round of showers. The last Cold Front of the winter season is passing through on Thursday. The weekend is looking to be dry and seasonally mild but that’s a bit far off yet. I see from the morning Bulletin from the National Weather Service that Coffee County, our neighbor to the East, has been awarded Storm Ready status. That requires their Emergency Management Office and various County agencies to have a coordinated and tactical approach to observing severe weather and warning the public. We went through the process here in Bedford County in 2007 and it has already yielded some good results. The Daylight Savings Time had darkened up our mornings but the Sun has caught up a bit and it looks like our mornings are getting a bit brighter. Now lets take a quick look at the facts.

We did NOT have any precipitation in the last 24 hours. TG
Temperature at 7 AM is 36 degrees and rising. We had a cool night but it looks like we had a wind shift and we are warming to 72 today. Low of 42 to 45 tonight and 75 possibly on Wednesday.

Barometer is 30.25″ and Rising.

Humidity is 100% but look for that to burn off quickly and I’m hoping we dry up some today.

Wind is Calm this morning but the Vane is pointing to the Southeast so something is up with the wind. Look for more Southerly and then Westerly wind later Wednesday as Weather approaches.

The Summary for today is Fair after the morning Fog burns off. Warmer with 72 degrees this afternoon. Low of 42 tonight with Clear Sky. Fair and 75 on Wednesday. Have a good day, get some Sun if you can.


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