Posted by: martysweather | March 18, 2009

3/18/2009 @ 7:00AM in Bedford County, Tennessee

It’s amazing what a little bit of Blue Sky and Sunshine can do to change your attitude. We have a quickly warming morning after a cool start but it’s that time of year and it won’t be long until we are missing those cool nights. We had a nice walk out doors this morning even though the ground is still a tad on the squishy side this morning. We have some rain and yes even a Thunder chance late tonight and Thursday but I’m hoping we miss that since we need about a week of dry weather to get a handle on the outdoor chores that are beginning to pile up. If we can make it past tomorrow without too much rain the next 4 days look OK with 60 degree days and 30 something nights. Now as I finish my second cup of coffee and Benji is sleeping AGAIN on his pillow I have to work on my Weed eater this morning so let’s look at the facts.

The Temperature at 7 AM is 41 degrees. Rising on the morning Sun to maybe 74 today. Not as cool tonight at 45 with clouds and associated rain chances. Thursday looks like about 62 for a High.

The Barometer is Steady at 30.25″ but will be falling today in anticipation of some weather coming in for Thursday.

Humidity is 98% and still a lot of drying up to be done. The heat of the day will pull that down a lot today but maybe more wet tomorrow.

Wind is Calm but look for South or southwest at 10 to 15 mph today. Shifting North again Thursday after this front comes through.

Sky is Clear this morning, wish it could last but Clouds on the way later today.

The Summary for today, It’s a good day to work on your Weed eater with Sun and 74 degrees for the High. Clouds and 46 tonight. Rain chances and maybe a over night Thunder Storm but not hearing anything about Severe Weather at this time. Have a good day.


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